About Us


Our Introduction

We’re experts in FMCG business relations and advices

Established with a vision to serve a wide range of products - Personal Care, Health Care, Food and Nutraceuticals to industry leaders and bring a revolution with our quality products by making them available across the globe with a unique multi-branding strategy. Our highly qualified professionals elucubrate to identify and develop life-saving medicines for the welfare of mankind.
Ecosmetix strives to become a strategic innovator and build a cutting-edge position for its happy clientele with its quality products. With a progressive team of expert individuals, we endeavor to raise our technical standards and develop internally to satisfy our client's requirements in the shortest span of time.


Our Values

Values represent the core of what we consider significant. When it is about Healthcare Industry, the adoption of the right assemblage of values takes a new level of importance as it undeviatingly affects the final consumer. Healthcare Industry has witnessed a transformation in the past few decades. Leaders at Ecosmetix contribute considerable time to evaluate what’s important for society and how we can bring a peremptory change with our firm set of values.



We aim to make a positive impact in commercial operations and for this, we ensure that every product manufactured complies with international standards. It is our commitment to excellence that motivates us to ameliorate the product wherever there is a scope of improvement.


Our team of experts is determined to tap the undiscovered horizon of Health Care and add greater convenience to the life experiences of the human race. Our R&D department strives to find better and cost-efficient alternative and improve the life of millions with their innovations.


Social Responsibility


A sense of responsibility towards society motivates us to manufacture new products with world-class efficiency. We endeavor to improve the condition of living of people and eradicate the healthcare threat to mankind with our advantageous products.


Operations in Pharma and Healthcare Industry are way more crucial and even a tiny bit of error can cause huge damages. At Ecosmetix we build products responsibly and take complete accountability for our activities.



The business connection that we share with our clientele is based on trust which we maintain through transparency on each step. The quality ingredients utilized and the process followed is timely notified to keep the manufacturing smooth.

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